From the depths of the bible belt in the U.S.A. five individuals disgusted by the state of the worlds decay have come together with one common focal point, and that is to attack all religious foundations at their core. All major religious doctrine is founded on blind faith with no evidence and the ignorant prejudices of man. While each member of Obsidian Shrine may vary in age and background the wisdom they and ability they deliver to the band is essential to make this a vicious and well thought out aural attack. A sound that is visceral, commanding the listener to take notice and a message that is clear that we are obligated to free the enslaved one mind at a time. We are in the midst of a global war of faiths and social divide. It is time to sacrifice your archaic beliefs so that your spirit may truly live. We summon all listeners we become one with to make our quest your own and use knowledge as a weapon against dogma. We will not allow any religion to escape our torment and ultimate sacrifice upon the altar of the Obsidian Shrine.

Murmur - Vocals
Nazgúl - Lead Guitar
Abaddon- Guitar
Demogorgon - Bass
Macabre - Drums
Sacrifice your faith upon the altar of the Obsidian Shrine
Will you set yourself free or be defined by ignorance.