Italian underground Black / Death Metal band formed back in june 1996 and still active.
Obscure Devotion was formed back in June 1996 in Potenza (Italy) by Roberto Tursi “Cabal Dark Moon” and his friend Renato “King Born Dead” Copertino. After some rehearsals, the band called to join them the bassist Davide “Kobalt Black Sky” Tantone who was already searching for a group. In November 1997 the first demotape entitled “Dark Melodies For Sunset”, consisting in five tracks, was recorded at Aftertouch studio in Potenza and then pressed in 100 copies. It got the interest from Elegy Records (based in Catania, Italy) that offered the band a 2 albums record deal. At that time, after some changing, the line-up consisted in: Cabal Dark Moon (all guitars and backing vocals), Kobalt Black Sky (bass and vocals) and Walter Basile (drums and keys). The first full-length “Son Of A Dayless Night” was recorded in 1998 and then released in 1999. It got very good reviews both on magazines like, for example, Grind Zone and Flash, and Italian 'zines like Malleus Maleficarum so in the summer of 1999 OD were invited to play at the Agglutination Meatl Fest. and after that performance, other dates appeared. Unfortunately after some time Walter had to leave the band for studying reasons and Kobalt Black Sky had to move in Germany to work for a period. The activities of the band were so putted on hold for almost 2 years even if Cabal Dark Moon was constantly searching for new band members, keeping writing n e w m u s i c a n d t a k i n g c a r e o f e v e r y o t h e r b a n d r e l a t e d a s p e c t . Obscure Devotion came back again in 2002 when Sandro "Zander Furious Storm" Laurenzana (from Italian death metal act Undertakers) joined the band as permanent drummer and Kobalt Black Sky came back in Italy. Together again as a three piece, OD restarted to play some live gigs in view of the coming 2nd studio album recordings. Finally, in 2004 the band entered the Temple Of Noise studio (Rome) to record an EP containing 4 out of the 8 new songs written for the second full-length. But soon after the EP recordings Zander had to leave the band because of some personal problems so the group was once more without a drummer and on hold. So Cabal Dark Moon decided to ask Gionata "Thorns" Potenti (from Italian black metal bands Handful Of Hate and Frostmoon Eclipse) to record the drums for the second full-lenght. Thorns listened to the songs and accepted so in 2005 OD finally recorded “…Of Darkness, Death And Faith” at the Big Wave studio (Livorno, Italy) which was then released by The Oath Records (Cassino, Italy) in 2006. The band came back to play some gig until July 2007 when Cabal Dark Moon's brother (Alessandro) tragically passed away at the age of 26 in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. This event was devastating for CDM who took the decision to stop every band's activity and send away both Thorns and Kobalt Black Sky who were not enough professional nor good people or “friends”. In the summer of 2010 Cabal Dark Moon decided to pick up the guitar again and to write an album in memory of his brother. In late 2012 the composition of the new album was almost complete and CDM started once again to search for new band members. A couple months later Davide “Abyss:111” Telesca and Gianluigi “Vox Mortuorum” Pesarini joined the band respectively as drummer and bassist. As soon as the new line-up has been 100% able to play the new songs, Obscure Devotion entered the 16th Cellar Studio (Rome) in December 2014 to record “Ubi Certa Pax Est”, the 3rd studio album consisting of 10 tracks. After 4 months, in April 2015, the album's master copy was in the hands of Cabal Dark Moon. The album’s artwork has been commissioned to Chris ANIMVS, an american very talented and skilled illustrator which has perfectly matched the visual style and contents with the band’s music and lyrical concepts.
Cabal Dark Moon - Guitars, vocals, songwriting, lyrics
Vox Mortuorum - Bass
Abyss:111- Drums
“[...]Our interest in esotericism derives from the will to better understand the superior spiritual forces which operate in the Creation. We believe there's a spiritual war going on since before the beginning of times and we believe humans have their meaningful role in it. This said we are just a band, artists who have chosen a certain way to express themselves and speak their Souls. Musically, lyrically and intellectually.”