Withershin "Ashen Banners" CD

Withershin "Ashen Banners" CD

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ARTIST: Withershin
TITLE: Ashen Banners
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Canonical Hours

Withershin are gathered under black and ashen banners performing competent if not groundbreaking music. Some may note a Marduk influence behind their attack styled blasting and with Magnus Andersson (bassist for Marduk) at the helm and recorded in his Endarker studio, it shines with sincerity.

1. The Art Of Ascension     4:17
2. Reap The Impurities     5:18
3. Reincarnation     4:36
4. Entering The Void     3:53
5. Lights In Zephyrs     5:05
6. One With Shadows     5:26
7. Disdain     6:09
8. New Era Holocaust     3:35
9. Never Condoned     4:23

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