Waroath / Czarna Trumna / Cthulhu Rites "Black Oath Rites" CD

Waroath / Czarna Trumna / Cthulhu Rites "Black Oath Rites" CD

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ARTIST: Waroath / Czarna Trumna / Cthulhu Rites
TITLE: Black Oath Rites

STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Putrid Cult

Reunion of old works of the three Polish bands, with additional bonus tracks! WAROATH generates Black Thrash, with heavy Speed Metal influence, this release features 2015 EP + Bonus track. CZARNA TRUMNA are horror oriented Black Metal, featured here is their 2015 EP + Bonus track. CTHULHU RITES invokes Cthulhu Mytholos via Black Metal, issued here are the 2012 demo + 2 Bonus tracks.

1. Sacrofuck - Uryna        
2. Sacrofuck - Królowa        
3. Sacrofuck - Jacek G.        
4. Sacrofuck - Kaplica czaszek        
5. Sacrofuck - Petla        
6. Enterchrist - After Five Days        
7. Enterchrist - After Nine Days        
8. Enterchrist - The Morning of the 14th Day        
9. Enterchrist - We No Longer Want to Be Fried        
10. Enterchrist - Lucidity Is the Key        
11. Enterchrist - Exit Your Earthly Meat Sack        
12. Enterchrist - Don't Go Near the Water        
13. Enterchrist - There's Something Living There

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