Wallachia "Shunya" CD

Wallachia "Shunya" CD

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ARTIST: Wallachia
TITLE: Shunya
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Debemur Morti

The cult of WALLACHIA returns with stunning third full-length, "Shunya", comprising eight exhibits of melancholic Black Metal with a catchy, symphonic touch. "Shunya" is an introspective, instantly-accessible metal album that stays faithful to the epic-sounding natural rawness that has been WALLACHIA's trademark since the mid-90s. The rich harvest of one man's expansive vision, this inimitable album represents a personal, emotional voyage of discovery, based on experiences of loss and displacement, driven by the spirit to overcome all obstacles. A theme of emptiness permeates the music as it does the outside world. The term "Shunya" is borrowed from the Sanskrit language and means 'empty' or 'void', as well as resembling the number zero from Indian numerology. WALLACHIA's latest and most ambitious work identifies the nothingness that exists in everything when modern technology takes hold and the essential spiritual value of ancient art(s) is forever lost.

01. Dual Nothingness  04:03 
02. Gloria In Excelsis Ego  04:04 
03. Ksatriya  04:48 
04. Enlightened By Deception  04:34 
05. Hypotheist  06:09 
06. Nostalgia Among The Ruins Of Common Sense  04:23 
07. Harbinger Of Vacuumanity  04:25 
08. Emotional Ground Zero  07:21

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