Wallachia "From Behind The Light" CD

Wallachia "From Behind The Light" CD

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ARTIST: Wallachia
TITLE: From Behind The Light
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Dark Horizon Records

Dark Horizon Records offers the reissue of the cult album "FROM BEHIND THE LIGHT" by WALLACHIA. The DHR version includes as bonus tracks the classic and long sold out "DEMO 1996". The music of WALLACHIA is dark, ominous and doom laden with a very unique vocal style that hints of death metal. WALLACHIA do not hesitate to include symphonic parts as well as acoustic passages that give one the sensation you are lost within the dark and misty moors close to the Castle Vlad Tepes. Hailing from Norway this is not a band playing the modern or traditional "Norwegian" style of Black Metal, but a creation that is unique and original.

Track List:
1. The Curse of Poenari 05:23
2. Crucifictional Disinfection 05:16
3. Arges-Riul Doamnei 05:34
4. Skjold Mot Guds Lys 05:41
5. The Last of My Kind 05:01
6. Knus Den Hellige Ånd 06:33
7. Fullmåne Over Fagaras 09:49
8. Manifesting The Beast 03:28
9. Fullmåne Over Fagaras (Demo 1996) 10:38
10. Skold Mot Guds Lys (Demo 1996) 06:00
11. Arges-Riul Doamnei (Demo 1996) 05:35
12. Knus Den Hellige Ånd (Demo 1996) 07:06

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