Velm "Orkan" CD

Velm "Orkan" CD

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TITLE: Orkan
STYLE: Pagan Black Metal
LABEL: Neverheard Distro

VELM deliver a style of black metal that is almost extinct, melodic and epic, like a large number of bands in the mid-nineties did. This Bulgarian Horde has created an album of great musical antiquity yet with a good sound, making all melodies stand out. The atmosphere of the album takes the mind on a journey back in time.

1. Yuggoth On The Rim     5:43
2. Új dimenziók     7:03
3. Blue Tundra Icicle     6:20
4. Orkan     5:21
5. Tears Of Forest     5:40
6. Song Of Autumn     7:34
7. Farewell     3:39

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