Uerberos "Tormented By Faith" DIGIPAK CD

Uerberos "Tormented By Faith" DIGIPAK CD

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ARTIST: Uerberos
TITLE: Tormented By Faith
STYLE: Brutal Death Metal
LABEL: Self Release Official Distribution in USA by DHR!

UERBEROS is a sharp weapon crafted with meticulous attention to detail. A Blackened Death Metal Machine that will raze your temples to the ground! Hailing from Poland a country that is responsible for producing some of the best underground metal of current times proves their strength once again with UERBEROS! Fast, Brutal, Technical, fucking extreme!

Hate Eternal, Origin, Behemoth, Zyklon, God Dethroned, Morbid Angel...

1. Intro 01:30
2. ...And Finally, I Will Come 03:38
3. Destroy The Enemy 04:58
4. Tormented By Faith 03:47
5. To Be Seen And Heard 04:12
6. Black Emissary 04:38
7. My Lord, My Father 03:55
8. No Redemption 03:40
9. Live And Die Like A Human 04:11
10. Respect For Death 03:57

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