Tondra / Nordic Mist "Cracking The Hoarfrost / Into The Psyche Delve" CD

Tondra / Nordic Mist "Cracking The Hoarfrost / Into The Psyche Delve" CD

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ARTIST: Tondra / Nordic Mist
TITLE: Cracking The Hoarfrost / Into The Psyche Delve
STYLE: Death Metal / Black Death Metal
LABEL: Hell's Headbangers Records

From frost and freezing sun comes two bands created by the members of NunSlaughter, 8MM Overdose, Spawn of Satan, Crucified Mortals and Soulless. TONDRA is a Metal project of frigid proportions created by Don of the Dead and Robb Graves. It is a memorable excursion into the depths of the frozen soul of mankind. Features a killer HELLHAMMER cover song! NORDIC MIST is a turbid journey into the classic “Frost” sound with riffs and vocals reminiscent of Tom G. and Mr. Ain as it was in 1984! Join these two bands as they delve into the frigid depths of your soul!

1. Tondra     The Iceman Cometh     3:23
2. Tondra     Reach The Summit     3:28
3. Tondra     Ice Burial     3:32
4. Tondra     Reaper (Hellhammer Cover)     2:12
5. Nordic Mist     The Land Beyond Dreams     1:09
6. Nordic Mist     The Conquest Of The Undead King     2:11
7. Nordic Mist     Into The Psyche Delve     2:43
8. Nordic Mist     Planet Six     3:24

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