The Spawn Of Satan / Bloodsick "Split" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)

The Spawn Of Satan / Bloodsick "Split" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)

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ARTIST: The Spawn Of Satan / Bloodsick
TITLE: Split
STYLE: Death Metal
FORMAT: 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
LABEL: Hell's Headbangers

Since their inception in 1989, the Satanic quintet known as "THE SPAWN OF SATAN" has finally unleashed their first album of hideous Death / Thrash with an unrelenting level of aggression rarely seen in today's Metal bands! Images of Hell, the evil sides of religion, and the supernatural elements of the black arts are the forces that drive these Metallist's into demonic fury! Every Metal fanatic of early Death Metal, will be put in their grave by this style of old school madness... you haven't heard thrashing Death Metal this good in a long time!! Fronted by Jim Sadist of NUNSLAUGHTER.

BLOODSICK was the demonic beginning for Cleveland's now well established SOULLESS, everyone who is familiar with SOULLESS knows to expect nothing less than pure sick Death / Thrash played in cold blood of the goat, and influenced by acts such as KREATOR, SODOM, POSSESSED and early DEATH. Devil Metalist's into 80's Thrash and ancient Death Metal will blow their speakers (and brains) out to this!

1. The Spawn Of Satan     The Church Of Horror     3:19
2. The Spawn Of Satan     Vigils For The Damned     3:00
3. The Spawn Of Satan     The Code Of The Craft     2:55
4. The Spawn Of Satan     What Evil Dwells     4:14
5. The Spawn Of Satan     The Everlasting Terror     2:52

6. Bloodsick     Boundless     4:13
7. Bloodsick     Endofall     3:23
8. Bloodsick     Fear No God     3:06
9. Bloodsick     Gehenna     4:07
10. Bloodsick     The Blood Of The Goat     4:23

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