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In the flickering shadows of the flames of the burning church, under a blood red moon, at the stroke of midnight on the sabbath, three sinister figures, more animal than human, loom over the altar of sacrifice. Razor-sharp blades glistening in the moonlight, the unholy trio let out an ear-piercing battlecry as they plunge their weapons into the virgin-born infant whose shrieks become more intense at the moment of death until blood runs from the ears of his tormentors and they fall dead to the ground. Mortally wounded, the infant nonetheless rises from the altar and surveys the world around him with eyes cold as the deepest winter. Armageddon has come...
Typhus is born!
From the entity responsible for breathing life into Dark Horizon Records (Lord Typhus), comes the Satanic War Machine called TYPHUS.  THIS IS WAR!!!!!!! TYPHUS spew forth "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" striking out against the book of lies, as well as the false prophets soothsaying which held so many unfulfilled promises! TYPHUS will be the nails used to crucify Jesus Christ the second time around! The music of TYPHUS is Pure, Organic, Blasphemous, Cold, Grim, Necro, Minimalist, Narrow Minded, Raw, Extremely Harsh, Fire Breathing, Blood Smeared, Spike Wearing, Christ Crushing, Orthodox Black Metal. TYPHUS are proud and bold enough to state: "Amidst the saturated and redundantly boring Black Metal scene, we have created an original, interesting approach to the "Black Metal" sound. This album has brought U.S. Black Metal into the realm of the originators and masters from around the globe. Join the New World Order, created Under The Banner Of TYPHUS!"

LINE UP:(Left to Right)
NACHT - Intestinal Lashings, Satanic Influence, Deception, Criminal Occult Activism

LORD TYPHUS - Blasphemous Chants of Possession, Church Burnings and other Satanic Ritualistic Crime, Urophilia, Coprophagia,
Six-Stringed Subliminal Subversive Entrapment

MOON - Wooden Coffins, Evil Persuasion, Carnal Doctrines
Session Members:
LIAR - Deceit and lies, R-I-P DEAD Oct 22nd 2004
PROCTOR GIDIM XUL - Live Satanic Rituals, Satanic Pummeling, Undertone Soothsayer of the Forked Tongue.

2004 - "Fucking Blasphemy Metal" Demo Tape (Sold Out)
Unreleased Demo with Liar (R.I.P.) on Bass. Without Vocals. Recorded by Moon.

2005 - "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" -CD DHR019-
Recorded early Winter 2005 at The Ensomberoom. Engineered by Tophetarath. Produced by Typhus and Tophetarath.

2005 - "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" Cassette Tape version -Ltd. 333-
Exclusive to Europe on Propaganda Records (Ukraine)

2005 - “We Rape the Cunt of the Virgin Mary/And the Black Cum Shall Spill Forth” -Vinyl 7inch EP DHR027-
Split release Typhus & Crowned In Semen
Typhus track Recorded at Endless Studio Productions summer 2005 . Engineered and Produced by Moon and Typhus

2010 - "Grand Molesters of The Holy Trinity" CD / LP (Dark Horizon Records)

-S. Craig Zahler - METAL MANIACS
It is not often that I pop in an album by a band I’'ve never heard of and am blown away, but such was the case with TYPHUS’ stellar black metal debut PROFOUND BLASPHEMOUS PROCLAMATION. This is it, my friends. Sitting comfortably alongside Grand Belial’s Key Judeobeast Assasination as the best black metal album ever made in the U.S., PROFOUND BLASPHEMOUS PROCLAMATION is smart, well-played black metal with steaming fistfuls of metal’s most important ingredients: personality and creativity. Although the song titles are overtly vulgar – “Black Cum On The Faces Of Angels” or “Anal Rape Of The Virgin Mary” for example -- The music is smart and well-crafted. Some musical reference points are Moonblood and Nargaroth (melody), Immortal (harmony), Impiety (Vulgarity) and Belphegor (performance/delivery), but never was there a moment when I heard something stolen. Chief writer/guitarist/singer Lord Typhus writes tunes in both simplistic and fairly technical modes and succeeds in both styles with aplomb. His blasted vocal persona gives some human character to the cold proceedings, as does the tight yet spontaneous drumming by moon. Album highlight tracks: the punishing “Typhus Shits In The Mouth Of Christ,” the delirious , smeared climax of which is truly exhilarating and the phenomenal (and ironically titled) “Profound Blasphemous Proclamation,” the arrangement of which is tough and successful. The melancholic closing of “Your Savior Caught Drinking The Piss Of The Apostles” brings to mind Elite or Taake at their best (which is to say beautiful Norwegian sorrowage) and when the album ends the urge to spin it immediately again is engendered. Hate Forest and Drudkh are the only bands who have put out comparably good black metal releases thus far this year, and that this is TYPHUS’ debut only makes this album that much more impressive. PROFOUND BLASPHEMOUS PROCLAMATION is possibly the most accomplished debut full length since Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse and is a serious contender for album of 2005.

Stuart Banks - Killzone Records Freelance Reviewer
Yeah the Typhus album is very good! what most of you will not know that this is their first recording there are no demo's except one that just has the music-no vocals. 'Coprophagic Communion Upon The Holy Alter' the MP3 track is going to appear on 'Destroyers From The Western Skies' If you get the album it is very strong and basically crashes the party set by the current bands setting the standard in USBM. Other recommended tracks are definitely in my opinion 'Anal Rape Of The Virgin Mary' unusual vocal's (done by Typhus from Fog) 'Black Cum Upon The Faces Of Angels' which is just monster and 'Satanic Goat Fuck Lust' great black metal no matter your opinion get before it goes.
Infernus Rex (The Netherlands)
Typhus (us) - Profound Blasphemous Proclamation CD (Great Black Metal!! One of the best albums this year!)
Century Media
The most blasphemous band on planet Earth is Typhus. Featuring members of the cult band Fog, Typhus is a step in the direction of pure black devotion.
Hail US Black Metal! (2005)
Random Fan Email
It's a very aggressive and hateful approach to black metal without compromising the minimalist ugliness it portrays.
Igor - Propaganda (Ukraine)
Propaganda from the Ukraine has released TYPHUS "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" Cassette version.
A Statement from the label: As you can see from our activity we do not make many releases because we are very and very selective. We were sure in advance that TYPHUS will not be a weak creation. Now when we already listened it we want to say that TYPHUS is really one of the most strong and interest True Black Metal creations. It is not simply a compliment to please you, it is an objective estimation. And, of course, we want to repeat that the band position is very right.