From deep in the basement of our lab brews a strange concoction of horror metal, thrash and punk... THE LURKING CORPSES second album "LUST FOR BLOOD" and first for DHR will rip the flesh off your bones and you will Scream and Scream Again as you are Waiting To Die. Classic Horror Themes set to a killer soundtrack of influential punk, metal and thrash riffs along with Horror Shrieks that will wake the dead. Dark, sinister and filled to the brim with influence from underground legends such as MERCYFUL FATE, SAMHAIN, MISFITS and DANZIG. You will bare the Mark of The Devil once you have been abducted and tortured by Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul and his unforgettable horror shriek! He Kills Night After Night, so you better Accept This Sacrifice in Homage!

Now signed to HELLS HEADBANGERS! HHR will re-issue this classic DHR album with an enhanced layout in 2017! Here is the HHR press release...

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a timely reissue of THE LURKING CORPSES' cult second album, "Lust for Blood." One of the most unique entities in the metal/punk underground, for over 15 years now, this Indiana-based cult has created a completely singular sound which incorporates thrashing, horror-obsessed metal and spooky, anthemic punk rock, all crucially topped with a tongue-in-cheek mix of sex, violence, and good, old-fashioned horror-flick gore. It's 1950s B-movie fuzz 'n' scuzz that's equal parts MERCYFUL FATE, SAMHAIN, THE MISFITS, and DANZIG, and nowhere is it more fully realized - and FUN - as on "Lust for Blood." Out of print for many years, longtime supporters HELLS HEADBANGERS make this mini-classic widely available once again on CD format. Whether you're a dead girl or werewolf queen, into nun vomit or goblin fire, waiting to die or wanting an orgy in the mausoleum, look no further than THE LURKING CORPSES' "Lust for Blood"!

1. Orgy In The Mausoleum 02:37
2. Goblin Fire 02:36
3. We Are Vampires 02:16
4. Dead Girl 03:08
5. Into The Crypt 02:56
6. Mark of The Devil 03:39
7. Scream And Scream Again 02:15
8. Werewolf Queen 03:18
9. Nun Vomit 02:11
10. Caroline 01:57
11. She Said Goodbye 02:41
12. Graveyard Devourment 04:59
13. Waiting To Die 04:55
14. He Kills Night After Night 02:55
15. The Beckoning 02:52
16. Death Train 02:51
17. Lust For Blood 01:43
18. Witchcult '77 02:56
19. Oh Sherry (Creature of The Night) 02:06
20. Something Wicked This Way Comes 04:31

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Geoff Montgomery at Ensomber Room Studio.
Artwork by Jay Hackbush.

RECORD LABEL: Dark Horizon Records / Hell's Headbangers
STYLE: Horror Punk Thrash Metal
RELEASE YEAR: 2008 / 2017