Sig:Ar:Tyr "Godsaga" DIGI CD

Sig:Ar:Tyr "Godsaga" DIGI CD

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ARTIST: Sig:Ar:Tyr
STYLE: Viking Metal Neo-Folk
LABEL: Hammerheart Records

Pagan maturity! Godsaga marks the end of the trilogy that was started with "Sailing the Seas of Fate." This is Daemondskald's most mature and cohesive record yet. With their unique brand of viking inspired black metal, SIG:AR:TYR are Canada's most underrated metal band. What makes this band even more impressive is that there is only one man behind it. Daemondskald intricately constructs each part of his music, playing each instrument with talent. His greatest talent is his virtuosic guitar playing. Whether playing beautifully composed classical guitar passages or shredding Malmsteen inspired solos, Daemondskald knows what he is doing. One very unique element of SIG:AR:TYR is the vocals. They sound very dry as if his throat is parched as he screams and sets Daemodskald apart from other vocalists. Vocals and guitar aren’t the only noteworthy parts of Godsaga; even the drums have a chance to shine. For example, the military drumming perfectly compliments the atmosphere on the title track. Godsaga starts off strong, "Nights all Nine" is a solemn folk song, which resonates with sorrow. It sounds like something that would be sung after a death, a somber prayer to Odin while "Midwinter Sacrifice" is perhaps the most powerful song Daemonskald has ever written. The slow, magnificent riffing is enthralling, perfectly complementing the menacing rasps. On "Blood of the North", the vocals are completely overpowering, flowing perfectly with the distorted riffs. The rest of the album proves that the first three songs don't contain all of the originality that Daemodskald has to offer, thehe album never sinks into monotony. Like all SIG:AR:TYR releases, this one has its fair share of acoustic instrumentals, these provide a nice contrast to the black metal. They are hauntingly beautiful, sometimes including ambient for added atmosphere. This album doesn't focus exclusively on the atmosphere though; there is no shortage of engaging riffs. Part of what makes this release so successful is its ability to flow seamlessly from atmospheric parts to powerful metal parts, and then back again. One great example of this is how the ominous ambient on the title track morphs into one of the album's most memorable riffs, which later turns into an eerie acoustic passage. With Godsaga, SIG:AR:TYR succeeds once again in making a powerful and memorable album. This album will never grow old. It really is a shame that more people don't know about this band.

Very memorable release for fans of: Bathory, Falkenbach, Helrunar, Moonsorrow, Thyrfing

1. Nights All Nine     2:36
2. Midwinter Sacrifice     5:37
3. Blood Of The North     7:35
4. Black Sun's Bane     5:01
5. Eternal Return     9:02
6. Sleep Of The Sword     7:57
7. Sonatorrek     4:53
8. Godsaga     9:36
9. Distant Northern Winter     4:39

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