Sardu "Standing At The Precipice" CD

Sardu "Standing At The Precipice" CD

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TITLE: Standing At The Precipice
STYLE: Crust Thrash
LABEL: Barbarian Wrath

BARBARIAN WRATH has always been the "Dominion Of Evil" and thus we proudly present the coming of SARDU. Imagine the Mad Max version of WARFARE battle the Escape from New York version of AMEBIX and you're about there. Post Apocalyptic Crust Thrash. May the "Serpent Of Light" have mercy on your soul because your flesh is ours. Released in June 2015.

1. The Vagrant     3:31
2. Fury Of Meteoric Bombardment     1:12
3. Bird Of Prey     1:40
4. Oppressor     3:30
5. Apocalypse Death Gang     1:36
6. Dominion Of Evil     3:22
7. Serpent Of Light     2:03
8. Survive!     1:44
9. The Silent Earth     3:08
10. Temp Worker     1:22
11. The Summoning     4:00
12. Circling The Drain     2:20

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