Royal Arch Blaspheme "The Royal Arch Blaspheme" CD

Royal Arch Blaspheme "The Royal Arch Blaspheme" CD

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ARTIST: Royal Arch Blaspheme
TITLE: The Royal Arch Blaspheme
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Hell's Headbangers

From the throne of USBM royalty emerges THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME, a nexus between elevated-mind primitivism and black-hole oblivion... A full-length offering channeling praises of Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG's N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso. Undoubtedly bearing the distinctive stamp of both depraved minds, RAB spews sine waves of volcanic sonic sacrilege, resulting in a seismic gush of gutted doom chunder, squalling feedback and alchemic terror. Cover artwork by Paul Ledney.

1. Denial Of The Holy Spirit     5:10
2. Jahbulon     5:29
3. Via Crucis     3:46
4. Isaiah 14:12     4:42
5. Dead Eucharist     3:21
6. Lust And Sacrilege     3:14
7. Ascension Lies     3:50
8. Alchemic     3:00
9. Seven Devils Of Ejaculation     5:25
10. Kingdom Of Perversions     3:34

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