Profanatica "The Enemy Of Virtue" DIGI CD

Profanatica "The Enemy Of Virtue" DIGI CD

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First Pressing on Invocation Records

ARTIST: Profanatica
TITLE: The Enemy Of Virtue

STYLE: Black Metal
Invocation Records

Putrescence Of... (Demo 1990)
Raping Of Angels     5:12
Final Hour Of Christ     2:26

Broken Throne Of Christ (Demo 1990)
Of Pestilence...     2:21
Scourging And Crowning     2:41
Weeping In Heaven     3:08

Weeping In Heaven (7" EP 1991)
Weeping In Heaven     2:14
Heavenly Father     2:32

Tormenting Holy Flesh (Split With MASACRE 1992)
Spilling Holy Blood     2:44
Final Hour Of Christ     1:50
Weeping In Heaven     2:11
I Arose     5:39

'Collection' Final Studio Sessions 1992 (Previously Unreleased)
As Tears Of Blood Stain The Altar Of Christ     3:48
Crucifixion Wounds     1:50
Once Removed Savior (A.K.A. Disease Infested Cunts Of Dead Nuns)     4:28
Mary (Conceived With Sin)     1:41
Jehovah Fading     1:59

Broken Jew (EP 2002)
Broken Jew     3:03
Fuck The Messiah     3:12

Previously Only Released In MP3 Form
Passion Of A Liar     1:48

Unreleased Toten Rehearsal
Macabre     3:03
Of Pestilence...     2:28
Misery     2:28
Spilling Black Cum And Vomit     2:03

Live At 'Connections' (July 2001)
Intro     1:37
Broken Jew     3:31
Fuck The Messiah     3:17
Weeping In Heaven     2:44
Heavenly Father     5:17
Outro     1:50

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