Primordial "Imrama"  CD (Hammerheart)

Primordial "Imrama" CD (Hammerheart)

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Pressing 2001. New Condition.
Second Pressing with bonus tracks released by Hammerheart Records Holland.

ARTIST: Primordial
TITLE: Imrama

STYLE: Superior Pagan Black Metal
Hammerheart Records

1     Fuil �rsa    
2     Infernal Summer    
3     Here I Am King    
4     The Darkest Flame    
5     The Fires...    
6     Mealltach    
7     Let The Sun Set On Life Forever    
8     To The Ends Of The Earth    
9     Beneath A Bronze Sky    
10     Awaiting The Dawn    
Bonus Tracks
11     The Calling    
12     Among The Lazarae

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