Paths Of Possession / Dark Faith "The Crypt of Madness" CD

Paths Of Possession / Dark Faith "The Crypt of Madness" CD

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ARTIST: Paths Of Possession / Dark Faith
TITLE: The Crypt of Madness
STYLE:  Death Metal
LABEL: Splattergod Records

Long out of print label debut by two of Florida's death metal greats. Paths of Possession features both George Fisher from Cannibal Corpse and Richard Brunelle of Morbid Angel. Dark Faith plays some killer Swedish-influenced technical death metal.

1. Paths Of Possession     Prometheus Rising     3:14
2. Paths Of Possession     Here I Kill     2:20
3. Paths Of Possession     The Butcher's Bargain     3:25
4. Paths Of Possession     Her Rotten Flesh     4:22
5. Paths Of Possession     A Heart For A Heart     4:10
6. Paths Of Possession     The Icy Flow Of Death     3:50
7. Dark Faith     Rending The Shroud     5:58
8. Dark Faith     Voice Of Blood     4:14
9. Dark Faith     Calling Death Worship     6:20
10. Dark Faith     Zombie Ritual (Death Cover)    4:43
11. Dark Faith     Constrictions Of The Flesh     5:02
12. Dark Faith     Storms Of Vengeance     5:52

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