Obscure Devotion "Ubi Certa Pax Est" JEWEL CD

Obscure Devotion "Ubi Certa Pax Est" JEWEL CD

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ARTIST: Obscure Devotion
TITLE: Ubi Certa Pax Est
STYLE: Esoteric Black Metal
LABEL: Dark Horizon Records
YEAR: 2018

OBSCURE DEVOTION have carved a masterpiece creating music that is diverse and thought provoking with well written and precisely executed riffs that will mesmerize. A perfect atmosphere and production that will leave you meditating to "UBI CERTA PAX EST" over and over again. An album that is special, unique and worthy of the attention of those dark souls interested in music that scars your soul while illuminating your mind. This is an absolute gem from the Italian underground which deserves your absolute support!

Born in 1996, OBSCURE DEVOTION have released so far 3 studio albums, of which the newest is the monolithic "UBI CERTA PAX EST" This is not another conventional black metal band aiming to pointless fast drumming and mindless riffing. We are in fact facing a multifaceted reality which has been able to channel in its new opus an outstanding and intriguing mix of black, death and post! By rejecting the idea to fall into abused solutions, the band delivers in full an opus which is daring and experimental. Fueled by a pure "Italian approach" to extreme music, OBSCURE DEVOTION set their path for a personal and unique interpretation of the genre.

1. Meet The Sorrow 01:05
2. Ubi Certa Pax Est 07:26
3. Burning Blades Of Frozen Tears 06:53
4. Dreaming A Dead Home 04:58
5. The Sign Of Pain 06:09
6. On Butterfly Wings 07:45
7. Arrivederci pt. 1 02:39
8. Arrivederci pt. 2 02:10
9. Beyond The Flesh 06:17
10. Last Embrace 02:16

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