Nachtmystium "Instinct Decay" 12" LP GATEFOLD (Blue Vinyl)

Nachtmystium "Instinct Decay" 12" LP GATEFOLD (Blue Vinyl)

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ARTIST: Nachtmystium
TITLE: Instinct Decay
STYLE: Progressive Psychedelic Black Metal
LABEL: Back On Black

Regardless of what one may say or think of lead man Blake's character he and NACHTMYSTIUM have created some potently innovative, esoteric, interesting and experimental music.

A1 Instinct 1:32 
A2 A Seed For Suffering 7:09 
A3 Keep Them Open 2:56 
A4 Chosen By No One 7:01 
A5 Circumvention 4:13 
B1 Eternal Ground 3:25 
B2 Antichrist Messiah 2:29 
B3 Here's To Hoping 4:02 
B4 Abstract Nihilism 3:39 
B5 Decay 6:26

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