Morbid Angel "Thy Kingdom Come" 7" EP (Transparent Red Vinyl) 90's

Morbid Angel "Thy Kingdom Come" 7" EP (Transparent Red Vinyl) 90's

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Morbid Angel "Thy Kingdom Come" 7" EP (Transparent Red Vinyl) 90's

GENRE: Death Metal
LABEL : Splattermaniac Records
YEAR :  Unknown mid to late 90's
VINYL CONDITION ( visual grading ) :  Excellent
Excellent / when correct rpm is found
NOTES : Limited Edition Transparent Red Vinyl. Out of print. A Death Metal Gem for any die hard collector seeking obscurities, misprints, unofficial pressings! An unofficial version released and circulated in the 90's. I have been informed by another collector that this specific version was pressed for playback at different speed than the 33 rpm or 45 rpm that are normal for EP's. If you have adjustable rpm on your lp player you should be able to possibly dial in the correct spin rate for this. I guess this would fall into the misprint rule as well as unofficial.


A Thy Kingdom Come     3:43
B Abominations     4:14

We remove the vinyl from from the cover to avoid spine damage. In some cases we remove the vinyl from the paper inserts to save from tearing. Vinyl, inserts and covers are placed into new clean plastic sleeve and packaged well using cardboard inserts to secure during shipment. All items are packed tightly to avoid shifting or any type of damage that could occur during transit. We are also record collectors as well as a seller!

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