Minch / Cadaver Feast "Make Some Racket / Godzilla's Rectum" 7" EP (Black Vinyl) 1998

Minch / Cadaver Feast "Make Some Racket / Godzilla's Rectum" 7" EP (Black Vinyl) 1998

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Minch / Cadaver Feast "Make Some Racket / Godzilla's Rectum" 7" EP (Black Vinyl) 1998

GENRE: Grindcore / Noise
LABEL : Egg Scab
YEAR :  1998
VINYL CONDITION ( visual grading ) :  Very Good
PLAY GRADE : Very Good
NOTES : Limited Edition Black Vinyl

A1 –Minch     Intro: A Participant Speaks Out    
A2 –Minch     Attack Of The Minch Termites    
A3 –Minch     Multiple Beatings    
A4 –Minch     Little Dickens And A Rat That Could Speak    
A5 –Minch     Opus IV    
A6 –Minch     I Was Planning On Breeding Her With My Champion Stud Tomorrow    
A7 –Minch     Tidbits Of Shit    
A8 –Minch     Born In A Barn    
A9 –Minch     Any Cock Will Do    
A10 –Minch     Lasagna Family Reunion    
A11 –Minch     The Rape Of Miss Demeanor (We Want Some Pussy)    
A12 –Minch     There Is No Title For This Song    
A13 –Minch     There Is No Song For This Title    
A14 –Minch     I Forgot To Take My Meds    
A15 –Minch     Whoops! Excuse Me    
A16 –Minch     When Invalids Meet    
A17 –Minch     Bob's In The Mood Again    
A18 –Minch     Do You Feel That?    
A19 –Minch     It Hurts My Ass When I Shit    
A20 –Minch     I Command You To Go    
A21 –Minch     So We Went    
A22 –Minch     Deaf Ears - Pop Oven    
A23 –Minch     A Retard With An Electric Sander    
A24 –Minch     Stop It You Fuck, You're Ruining The Finish    
A25 –Minch     Screaming Can Make You Horse    
A26 –Minch     Don't Shoot Your Mouth Off    
A27 –Minch     The Bastards Are Back    
A28 –Minch     Yey Team Go!    
A29 –Minch     National Lampoon's African Vacation    
A30 –Minch     It Must Have Been Something I Ate    
A31 –Minch     Assault (Batteries Not Included)    
A32 –Minch     You Saw Me Naked    
A33 –Minch     Well What Do You Know, An Actual Song    
A34 –Minch     I Think That Man's Choking    
A35 –Minch     On Sisters' Chicken    
A36 –Minch     I Knew A Man Bojangles    
A37 –Minch     In The End Everybody's Stupid    
A38 –Minch     Outro: Phonics Class Lesson I Vowel Sounds    
B1 –Cadaver Feast     Genital Organ Donation    
B2 –Cadaver Feast     Morbid Extraction Of A Birdfucker    
B3 –Cadaver Feast     Limited Edition Of Bloody Cuntmilk    
B4 –Cadaver Feast     Penisface    
B5 –Cadaver Feast     Undead Ejaculation    
B6 –Cadaver Feast     Godzilla's Rectum    
B7 –Cadaver Feast     Stench-Sucker-Hail    
B8 –Cadaver Feast     Penishammermeat Of Death

We remove the vinyl from from the cover to avoid spine damage. In some cases we remove the vinyl from the paper inserts to save from tearing. Vinyl, inserts and covers are placed into new clean plastic sleeve and packaged well using cardboard inserts to secure during shipment. All items are packed tightly to avoid shifting or any type of damage that could occur during transit. We are also record collectors as well as a seller!

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