Loss "Life Without Hope..Death Without Reason" CD

Loss "Life Without Hope..Death Without Reason" CD

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TITLE: Life Without Hope..Death Without Reason
STYLE: Funeral Doom Metal
LABEL: Deathgasm Records / Fatum Vestri Vita

A dark, unholy and sombre output of stark, suicidal funeral doom metal. Loss create absolute brutality and add the melody you might find in funeral doom gods Thergothon, or maybe even Mourning Beloveth. For funeral doom connoisseurs.

1. Coffin Nails (Intromancy)     1:54
2. Conceptual Funeralism Unto The Final Act (Of Being)     7:56
3. Cut-up, Depressed And Alone     9:35
4. Brave - (Special Guest Throat – Lord Imperial (Krieg) Katatonia Cover)    10:52
5. The Barebacked Burial Of A Torn Angel     4:46

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