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Karkosa "Harvest of the Adept" CD

Karkosa "Harvest of the Adept" CD

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ARTIST: Karkosa
TITLE: Harvest of the Adept

STYLE: Black Metal, Post Black Metal
LABEL: Dark Horizon Records
YEAR: 2018

Dark Horizon Records in conspiracy with KARKOSA unleash their debut release "HARVEST OF THE ADEPT" in May 2018. Hailing from the DHR home city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. KARKOSA are one of only a few bands from this city to deliver a strong, ferocious and well produced Black Metal assault! Excellent songs that deliver a confident debut attack with a feeling of strength, honor and dedication to their craft.

1. Archfiend
2. Sleep Paralysis
3. Hellpainter
4. Chambers of Necromancy
5. Stench of Pestilence

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