Iphicrate "20 Years of Decay" DOUBLE CD

Iphicrate "20 Years of Decay" DOUBLE CD

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ARTIST: Iphicrate
TITLE: 20 Years Of Decay

STYLE:  Black Metal
LABEL: Ossuaire Records

CD1     01-Intro     1:21
CD1     02-Hellish Thing     2:55
CD1     03-City Of No Man     3:38
CD1     04-Where The Frozen Winds Dwells     2:45
CD1     05-Psychotic Torment     2:15
CD1     06-As Useless As God     5:56
CD1     07-Outro     4:30
CD1     08-Rising From The Pit Damnation     4:43
CD1     09-Traumatic Devirginisation     9:25
CD1     10-Embrace The Psychose     6:01
CD1     11-Astral Devotion     4:52
CD1     12-Traumatic Devirginisation     10:14
CD1     13-Embrace The Psychose     6:15
CD1     14-As Useless As God     6:03
CD1     15-Psychotic Torment Act II     3:16
CD2     01-Astral Devotion     4:58
CD2     02-Traumatic Devirginisation     10:29
CD2     03-Embrace The Psychose     6:23
CD2     04-Rehearsal Track     7:14
CD2     05-Rehearsal Track     6:58
CD2     06-Rehearsal Track     4:15
CD2     07-As Useless As God 2015     6:29

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