Impiety "Skullfucking Armageddon" DIGI CD

Impiety "Skullfucking Armageddon" DIGI CD

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First Pressing 1999
Good Condition, Digipak shows slight wear, CD like new.

ARTIST: Impiety
TITLE: Skullfucking Armageddon
STYLE: Black Thrash Metal
LABEL: Dies Irae Productions

1. Lords Of Apokalypse     6:57
2. Nocturnized     4:51
3. Sodomythical Frostgoats     4:17
4. Ironflames Of Hate     5:49
5. Diabolical Witching Aggression     5:38
6. Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell     4:46
7. Socerique Baphostorms     4:46
8. Tormented In Fire     5:37

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