Hellwaffe "Worship Of Anxiety" MCD

Hellwaffe "Worship Of Anxiety" MCD

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ARTIST: Hellwaffe
TITLE: Worship Of Anxiety
STYLE: Blackened War Metal
LABEL: Hell Is Here Production

Limited-numbered 666 copies!
HELLWAFFE is Bestial Fucking War Metal! HELLWAFFE is fucking relentless from start to finish, adding a touch of old school thrash to keep it diverse and interesting. A great release from a great fucking band! The CHICAGO scene offers yet another gem to the underground!

1. Sheperd's twilight
2. Your god has betrayed you
3. Mass hysteria of the holy absurd
4. Ov plagues
5. Bestial act of divine destruction (Hellwaffe)
6. Waffen infernum
7. Offensive of darkness

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