Harvist "He Who Rises" 3" MCD

Harvist "He Who Rises" 3" MCD

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ARTIST: Harvist
TITLE: He Who Rises
STYLE: Appalachian Black Metal
LABEL: God is Myth Records

3" CD in slimcase with a 4 page-booklet and 1 insert. Second installment in God Is Myth Records series based on Howard Phillips Lovecraft's works. "He Who Rises" is based around the awakening/conjuring of the "Outer Gods",
Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath & Cthulhu. CD is limited to 100 copies.

1. To Unleash The God Of Armageddon     4:24
2. Crown Of The Tentacled King (Waiting To Be Set Free)     7:24
3. He Who Rises (From The Deep)     5:28
4. Rites Of The Outer Gods (To Call Cthulhu Up From The Depths)     3:28

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