Hades Almighty "Millenium Nocturne" DIGIBOOK CD

Hades Almighty "Millenium Nocturne" DIGIBOOK CD

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ARTIST: Hades Almighty
TITLE: Millenium Nocturne
STYLE: Black Metal, Viking Metal
LABEL: Archivist Records / Musical Hall

Re-issue on deluxe DIGIBOOK with a 12 page booklet. This is the perfect format to rediscover this legendary Norwegian Black Metal band from Bergen, originally founded as 'Hades' in January 1992. This is the third album from their discography. A timeless classic!

1. Millenium Overture     2:15
2. Dream Traveller     7:16
3. Carnival Blaspheme     6:13
4. Nemesis     4:45
5. To Reach Devine Fullfillment     6:58
6. Gardens Of Chaos     7:11
7. A Ballad Of Death And Obsession     7:59
8. Nighttime Endurance     9:43
9. Warcry     6:22

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