Graveland "In The Glare of Burning Churches" CD

Graveland "In The Glare of Burning Churches" CD

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ARTIST: Graveland
TITLE: In The Glare of Burning Churches
STYLE: Pagan Viking Black Metal
LABEL: Red Stream / Warheart

Remastered Re-Issue! "In the Glare of Burning Churches" by GRAVELAND may be short, but it is most definitely a masterpiece. What makes it so good is its truly hateful, evil sound that is quite hard to match. Not to mention it made it's first debut in 1993! Long running and still relevant Black Metal from Poland!

1     In The Glare Of Burning Churches     5:06
2     The Night Of Fullmoon     4:55
3     The Dark Dusk Abyss     2:59
4     Through The Occult Veil     3:58
5     For Pagan And Heretic's Blood     3:32
6     Instrumental     3:34
7     Hordes Of Empire     4:15
8     The Gates To The Kingdom Of Darkness     5:24
9     Epilogue - Intro     1:57
10     Epilogue - The Eye Of Balor     1:26
11     Epilogue - Shadows Of Doom     3:18
12     Epilogue - The Forest Nemeton     4:57
13     Epilogue - Children Of The Moon     5:42
14     Epilogue - Outro     1:09
15     The Dark Dusk Abyss (Alternative Version)     2:20
16     For Pagan And Heretic's Blood     2:14
17     The Night Of Fullmoon     2:23
18     Improvisation     5:53
19     Through The Occult Veil     2:51

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