Fornicus "Hymns Of Dominion" TS

Fornicus "Hymns Of Dominion" TS

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Official FORNICUS Shirt

FORNICUS carve an original and interesting new path within the stone walls of the Black Metal / War Metal genres. As harsh and primal as Black Witchery or Revenge, yet more elevated, refined and focused. This relentless Black Metal band morph thrash elements with excellent guitar leads into their songs comparable to Destroyer 666 or Dissection, while also weaving in doom like primitive riffs that seep with praise to Celtic Frost and Venom while maintaining an identity and sophisticated guitar driven sound and production that is completely their own. FORNICUS will also leave a taste on your "Underground Metal" palate similar in nature to the vulgarity and ANTI-christian doctrine infused music of Typhus, Profanatica or Gorgoroth!

"Hymns Of Dominion" seeps with hatred, vengeance, ugliness and praise for the philosophy one can only find within the light of Lucifer! FORNICUS are an original band that emits an honest and true homage to their predecessors without joining the clone army of recent Black Metal releases. FORNICUS and their "Hymns of Dominion" are worth your attention! Original, memorable and razor sharp this album should not be ignored! Support FORNICUS or forever be logged into the history book of fucking posers! This is the deep underground!

Don't take our word for it... Pick up this album and let the music speak for itself!

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