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Folkearth "Songs Of Yore" CD

Folkearth "Songs Of Yore" CD

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ARTIST:  Folkearth
TITLE: Songs Of Yore
STYLE: Epic Neo Folk Acoustic
LABEL: Stygian Crypt

Import from Russia on Stygian Crypt Productions

01. In an Emerald Garden  01:37 
02. Warrior Heart  03:52  
03. The Purest Breed  06:58    
04. Father of Victory  02:15  
05. The Iron Wolf  04:05 
06. Remember Hastings  04:00 
07. The Will of Odin  04:39 
08. What Glory Remains  03:57
09. The Forlorn Knight  03:36  
10. Charles Martel  05:38 
11. Homus Paganus  03:57

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