Diabolic "Chaos In Hell / Possessed By Death" CD

Diabolic "Chaos In Hell / Possessed By Death" CD

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ARTIST: Diabolic
TITLE: Chaos In Hell / Possessed By Death
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Deathgasm Records

Florida Death Metal warriors DIABOLIC offer us their demo material on CD. Everything about this just screams "old school" in big, bright neon lights (coated with blood and gore and skulls).

1. Engulf The Enchantress    
2. Jaws Of Death    
3. Chaos In Hell    
4. The Suffering Church    
5. Dissonance (Intro)    
6. Devour The Subconscious    
7. Possessed By Death    
8. Evulsions Of The Soul    
9. Chronology (Outro)

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