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Demonic Temple "Incrementum" CD + Stickers

Demonic Temple "Incrementum" CD + Stickers

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ARTIST: Demonic Temple
TITLE: Incrementum
STYLE: Ritual Occult Black Metal
LABEL: Dark Horizon Records / Putrid Cult Records / Deviant Art / New Era Prods
YEAR: 2018

DHR version comes with a DEMONIC TEMPLE Logo Sigil Sticker limited to 150!

Dark Horizon Records (USA) in conspiracy with Putrid Cult Records (Poland) and Deviant Records (Germany) unveil the latest offering from Poland's esoteric occultists DEMONIC TEMPLE entitled "INCREMENTUM" on JEWEL CD format. The LP version will be unleashed by the Dutch label New Era Productions. The listener will be taken on a glorious journey through dark passageways filled with well executed Esoteric Occult Black Metal. "INCREMENTUM is not only memorable it submerges the listener into a cold ethereal landscape full of despair leading to illumination. INCREMENTUM is the second album from DEMONIC TEMPLE which takes the band into a new dynamic and sound expansive direction. "INCREMENTUM" shines with excellent production that is crowned by glorious mastering by M (No Solace, MGLA, Kriegsmaschine...).

1. Mystical Wind (Black Light)
2. Sanctus Ignis
3. Hymn To Pan
4. Manifest of Lightning Souls
5. Devotion for the Serpent Glory
6. Transformation Path

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