Demigod / Necropsy "Unholy Domain" CD

Demigod / Necropsy "Unholy Domain" CD

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ARTIST: Demigod / Necropsy
TITLE: Unholy Domain
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Gutteral Records

Tracks 1-3 taken from split LP with Necropsy.
Tracks 4-9 taken from split LP with Demigod
Tracks 10-11 taken from 7" EP Never To Be Forgotten.

1. Demigod     Perpetual Ascent (Intro) / Anxiety.    
2. Demigod     Reincarnation.    
3. Demigod     Succumb To Dark.    
4. Necropsy     Intro.    
5. Necropsy     Blasphemous Degradation.    
6. Necropsy     White Perfect Fume.    
7. Necropsy     From The Depths.    
8. Necropsy     Under The Masses.    
9. Necropsy     The Morass.    
10. Necropsy     Never To Be Forgotten.    
11. Necropsy     Dark Fantacies.

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