Deathstorm "The Unfathomable" CD

Deathstorm "The Unfathomable" CD

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ARTIST: Deathstorm
TITLE: The Unfathomable
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Putrid Cult

If you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of high-quality, high-intensity Death Metal, then you owe it to yourself to check this one out asap. The band adhere quite closely to what some people have dubbed “the Polish sound”, a heavily Morbid Angel-influenced approach to Death Metal which is loaded with ballistic blastbeats, megaton riffs, and vocals which suggest the band’s singer spends his spare time gargling a mix of battery acid and napalm – and fans of the Floridian legends, as well as their deathly disciples in Hate, Behemoth, and Decapitated, will all find a lot to love here. All name-dropping aside, however (and I could just as easily have singled out names like Hate Eternal and Hour of Penance) to call The Unfathomable a derivative album would be to do it a major disservice, as it’s eminently clear that the Deathstorm crew aren’t content simply to ape their influences, they’re actively trying to outdo them. - NO CLEAN SINGING (Review Excerpt)

1. Light to Few     03:38      
2. The Unfathomable     07:32      
3. Spirit of Contamination     03:33      
4. Land of Severity     04:59      
5. Death Is Sacred     06:05      
6. Mystics of Nothingness     05:35      
7. Gateway     06:01      
8. Ode     05:57

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