Dead Soul Alliance "Proud To Die" CD

Dead Soul Alliance "Proud To Die" CD

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ARTIST: Dead Soul Alliance
TITLE: Proud To Die
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Dead Soul Alliance

Canada delivers yet another sick band you should take notice of... DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE
Death Metal with a blatant old school state of consciousness in a modern world gone mad! Think a large dose of Autopsy merged with Brutality (FL) with a hint of other Florida death metal influence combined with a dash of Swedish and Finnish death metal from the 1990's era and you have the bastard child that is DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE. This Canadian band create music that draws inspiration from their influential predecessors creating an output of honest death metal drenched with dreadful and malicious intent!

1. Loss of Faith
2. Time to Cull
3. Living on Adrenalin
4. S.I.T.Z.
5. A Call To War
6. Proud To Die

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