Dawn Of Azazel "The Law Of The Strong" CD

Dawn Of Azazel "The Law Of The Strong" CD

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ARTIST: Dawn Of Azazel
TITLE: The Law Of The Strong
STYLE: Death Metal / War Metal
LABEL: Agonia Record

Metal classics mixing blistering speed, raw brutality and total fucking darkness that have been refined to perfection over the 6 years of their existence. Coming out of New Zeland, mindfucking collage of Order From Chaos' perfection, blasting pace of Angelcorpse and chaos of Conqueror. All the elements combined to deliver the law of strong where justice is a fist !

1. Conqueror Throned     3:53
2. Triumph Upon Equinox     4:04
3. Victory (Iniquity Guides My Blade)     4:56
4. I Stand Unconquered     3:42
5. Conflagration Of The Mortal Soul     2:15
6. Justice Is A Fist     8:25
7. Immortal Dominance    2:41
8. Monarch Of Bloodshed And Eternal Victory (Solar Invictus)     7:07

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