Cianide "The Dying Truth" CD

Cianide "The Dying Truth" CD

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ARTIST: Cianide
TITLE: The Dying Truth
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Deathgasm Records

Chicago's CIANIDE deliver solid, brutal mid paced and ominous death metal on their classic album "The Dying Truth". Though they've never seemed to accrue the same level of cult respect and admiration as other death / doom luminaries like Asphyx or Autopsy, the Chicago mobsters CIANIDE nonetheless earned their spot in extreme metal history for the thuggish, abusive atrocities they have committed. CIANIDE have been chugging away since 1988 and are one of those hidden gems within an ocean of underground death metal releases. For Diehard old school Death Metal Maniacs.

The Dying Truth CD 1992
1. Scourging At The Pillar     5:12
2. The Dying Truth     5:22
3. Funeral     5:50
4. The Suffering     4:12
5. Human Cesspool     3:27
6. Mindscrape     5:30
7. Crawling Chaos     6:02
8. Second Life     6:37

Funeral Demo 1990
9. Morbid Restitution     3:47
10. Funeral     4:10
11. Choose Your Death     2:27

Second Life Demo 1991
12. The Dying Truth     5:45
13. Mindscrape     5:31
14. Human Cesspool     3:31
15. The Suffering     4:00
16. Second Life     5:46

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