Black Wasteland "Incantations Of Decay" CD

Black Wasteland "Incantations Of Decay" CD

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ARTIST: Black Wasteland
TITLE: Incantations Of Decay
STYLE: Doom Metal
LABEL: Barbarian Wrath

I've seen these young guys from Bamberg live at Raging Death Date 2015 and have been following them since. "Incantations Of Decay" is a significant step forward, combining the merciless heaviness of ASPHYX (or HELLHAMMER) with the melody of WITCHFINDER GENERAL into something that resembles the mood of DREAM DEATH without being a copy.


1. The Banisher    
2. Pale Eyes (Of Goodbye)    
3. Hexenhammer    
4. Downfall Of Alexandria    
5. Cold Waves Of Desolation    
6. Falling Kingdom    
7. Brave New Blindness    
8. Vultures Arising    
9. Away From Today

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