Bifrost "Mana Ewah" CD

Bifrost "Mana Ewah" CD

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ARTIST: Bifrost
TITLE: Mana Ewah
STYLE: Pagan Folk Metal
LABEL: Einhet Produktionen

"MANA EWAH" sets new standards for BIFRÖST and is an album that not only comes from the heart, but was also received with the due care, peace and time that befits such a work. With the new Silberling the combo delivers a piece of metal, which can hardly be classified between Melodic-Death, Pagan and Black Metal. In short: Mana Ewah, the eternal man - you should not miss!

1. Himmelsfall     
2. Verräters Geschick     
3. Mana Ewah     
4. Waffenbruder Niedergang     
5. Gesichter Des Todes     
6. Tobendes Herz     
7. Ohne Euch

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