In 2014 an obscure and eclectic force was unleashed upon the world through the cassette demo release by the Polish occultists DEMONIC TEMPLE. From this tape the band was signed to Polish comrades Putrid Cult Records and unleashed their first full length album in 2017 entitled "Chalice of Nectar Darkness". Bestowed upon us was a haunting and esoteric album which sparked the flame and paved the way for their unique and interesting musical approach. Early 2018 Dark Horizon Records were offered the opportunity to work with DEMONIC TEMPLE, Putrid Cult, Deviant Art Records and New Era Productions in coop release of their newest offering "Incrementum".  This second album now takes the band into a dynamic and sound expansive direction with songs that envelope the listener with dark subliminal sound waves of pure and honest Black Metal that has been placed upon the throne next to their Polish cohorts MGLA. The reason for this comparison is the fact that the band used the mastering facility of M. (NO SOLACE, MGLA, KRIEGSMACHINE, DEMONIC TEMPLE) for the final mastering and production preparation of "Incrementum". Which in retrospect has become the crowning jewel for the resonant atmosphere that "Incrementum" creates. However, DEMONIC TEMPLE offer their own unique identity and approach that requires absorbing through numerous listens which will result in absolute musical illumination. "Incrementum" is truly a masterpiece of Dark Occult Black Metal music and gives the listener a glimpse of the glory that is to come from/for these sonic necromancers.

Formed in 2009 HOLOCAUSTUM create Brutal Death Metal that highlights an intriguing use of technical Black Metal riffs woven into the fabric of unique sound the band creates. Infused with layers of influential inspiration fueled by many bands from 90’s Death and Black Metal forerunners, HOLOCAUSTUM pummel the listener with war anthems of death, doom and destruction. Their debut album “Crawling Through The Flames of Damnation” was released by Dark Horizon Records in the fall of 2011 and has a raw and demo sounding production that showcases the band in it's primordial state.

In 2015 HOLOCAUSTUM released their second and extremely intense album “In The Fields They Bled” on Dark Horizon Records in union with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. “In The Fields They Bled” introduced a session drummer capable of the intensity and playing skill the band required to accomplish a new level of maturity in songwriting, recording, production and mastering. Technical and sophisticated guitar leads stand out among the Blistering, Brutal and Melodic Death Metal which is tastefully crafted and interlaced with ferocious atmospheric razor sharp Black Metal riffs. The end result HOLOCAUSTUM have created a sound that will captivate and appeal to numerous devote metal followers. A landmark in the bands progression and their dedication to the underground metal they create. 

HOLOCAUSTUM continue in their tradition of evolution and in 2019 will release their third and most potent album yet.

Obscure Devotion was formed in June 1996 in Potenza (Italy) by Roberto Tursi “Cabal Dark Moon” and Renato “King Born Dead” Copertino. The band has changed members and released two albums on other labels over these past years. In July 2007 Cabal Dark Moon's brother (Alessandro) tragically passed away at the age of 26 in a car accident. This event was devastating for CDM who took the decision to stop the band's activity and step away from music taking time to grieve and reflect. In the summer of 2010 Cabal Dark Moon decided to pick up the guitar again and to write an album in memory of his brother. In late 2012 the composition of the new album was almost complete and CDM started once again to search for new band members. A couple months Davide “Abyss:111” Telesca and Gianluigi “Vox Mortuorum” Pesarini joined the band respectively as drummer and bassist. As soon as the new line-up were 100% with the new songs, Obscure Devotion entered the 16th Cellar Studio (Rome) in December 2014 to record “Ubi Certa Pax Est”, the 3rd and most prolific studio album consisting of 10 tracks. The album’s artwork was commissioned to Chris ANIMVS, an American artist as well as talented and skilled illustrator who perfectly matched the visual style and contents with the band’s music and lyrical concepts of self reflection. Now signed to Dark Horizon Records the first pressing of "Ubi Certa Pax" on DIGI CD sold out very fast and will now see reprint on Jewel CD with an LP version coming at a later date. OBSCURE DEVOTION have evolved into a masterful group of musicians. Dark Horizon Records anxiously await their future work so we may offer their dedicated followers the next album of their excellent and well crafted eclectic post Black Metal music.

Black Metal


From the mind responsible for breathing life into Dark Horizon Records, Lord Typhus conjures the Blasphemous Unholy War Machine called TYPHUS. Striking out against the book of lies as well as the false prophets soothsaying which held so many unfulfilled promises! TYPHUS are the nails used to crucify jesus christ the second time around! Blasphemous, Cold, Grim, Necro, Minimalist, Narrow Minded, Raw, Extremely Harsh, Fire Breathing, Blood Smeared, Spike Wearing, Christ Crushing, Orthodox Black Metal. TYPHUS along with only a few others place U.S. Black Metal into the realm of the masters of the genre. The band continues to exist in a perpetual state of metamorphosis, continually evolving and to this day remains cloaked in mystery. The band has released two full length albums "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" and "Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity", a 7" EP "We Rape Cunt of the Virgin Mary" which was a split with Crowned in Semen (side project of Paul Ledney of Profanatica) and a digital single "All Shall Worship Me In Despair". TYPHUS have only performed their live ritual on 4 separate occasions over the span of 13 years. A serious band with a serious message and attitude that should not be taken lightly! Declining numerous offers to appear live the band has remained extremely selective as to where and when, if ever, they will perform their next ritual.

Sometime in 2019 the 3rd full length album, still untitled, will finally be let loose upon the mortal three dimensional realm through Dark Horizon Records as well as selected partners. Either Join the New World Order created Under The Banner of TYPHUS or FUCKING DIE!