Aurora Borealis "Time Unveiled" CD

Aurora Borealis "Time Unveiled" CD

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ARTIST: Aurora Borealis
TITLE: Time Unveiled
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Die Hard Music

The third album from AURORA BOREALIS. Fast Technical Death Metal featuring Tim Yeung on drums!

Bonus Tracks were taken from Lestregus Nosferatus Demo tape "Oh Come All Ye Faithful ... Tonight We Feast" The songs were later re-recorded with a new line-up and released on the first Aurora Borealis MCD entitled "Mansions of Eternity".

1. Triumph Again     4:23
2. Sky Burial     5:15
3. Searching     4:33
4. Transversing The Tides     5:56
5. Berserker     4:38
6. The Last Day     4:52
7. Reign     5:27

Bonus Tracks
8. Sixteenth Chamber     3:46
9. Slave To The Grave     6:32

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