Atomizer "Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt" CD

Atomizer "Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt" CD

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ARTIST: Atomizer
TITLE: Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt
STYLE: Thrash Black Metal
LABEL: Hell's Headbangers

The bleakest, most powerful ATOMIZER offering, completely evolved and removed from the conjurations of any other thrash or black metal outputs of today. The band has stripped down their already well-known style and dejected the atomic metal power with a dismal aggression full of depth and gritty catchiness backed by a strong murky production, compliments of Kurt Ballou (Converge). In addition to the radical audio and superb gloom packaging, guest contributions have been made by drummer Sean Cummiskey (Astriaal), Iscariah (ex-Immortal, Dead To This World) and Yasuyuki (Abigail, Barbatos).

1. Caustic Transmissions    
2. A Song To Swing To    
3. Upon The Lamb Of God They Suckle No More    
4. Hail Hail To The Hangman    
5. A Date With Eternity    
6. Esoteria Is Now In Command    
7. A Song Tha Sounds Your Final Dawn    
8. As The Blackening Waves Of Fear Within Me Rise    
9. Flowering Spores Of Imagination    
10. All Disfigured And Blue    
11. The Inevitable Mutiny    
12. Our Final Campaign    
13. The Funeral Procession

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