Arphaxat "Loudun le Maudite" CD

Arphaxat "Loudun le Maudite" CD

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ARTIST: Arphaxat
TITLE: Loudun le Maudite
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Hell's Headbangers

French band featuring the co-founder of Deathspell Omega and former Hirilorn member Shaxul. If you've heard the early Deathspell Omega releases like 'Infernal Battles' or 'Inquisitors Of Satan' you'll hear A LOT of similarities to Arphaxat. The main difference being the velocity of the songs are a tad slower than the frenetic pace of those early Deathspell Omega songs.

1. Le Domaine Du Diable     1:39
2. Portrait D'un Prêtre Débauché     3:41
3. Peste Et Possédées     3:32
4. De La Maléfie À L'obsession     4:30
5. Exorcismes     3:21
6. Le Pacte Diabolique     3:52
7. Tortures Sans Aveux     4:14
8. La Processsion     3:43
9. Sur Le Bûcher     4:59
10. Règne Éternel     3:03

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