Anticipate / Pandemic Genocide "Nightmareland" CD

Anticipate / Pandemic Genocide "Nightmareland" CD

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ARTIST: Anticipate / Pandemic Genocide
TITLE: Nightmareland
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Putrid Cult

-     Anticipate:    
1     Grindrocker    
2     A Bitter Pill To Swallow    
3     Grind The Reds!    
4     Waiting For Your Mistake    
5     Behind The Eyes Of The Psychopath    
6     Nightmareland    
7     Something Dead    
8     Positional Warfare (Blood Cover)    

-     Pandemic Genocide:    
9     Unlamented    
10     Deathblow    
11     Godless Bastion    
12     Resist    
13     Enthrall Angels

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