Amon "Return Of The Black Metal" CD

Amon "Return Of The Black Metal" CD

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ARTIST: Amon (Czech Republic)
TITLE: Return Of The Black Metal
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Barbarian Wrath

After the tragic death of 2 members in the wake of the release of "Zrozeni Smrti" AMON have consolidated a new lineup that's stronger than ever. Listen to "Beltebor"
and "Mor" and bear witness to the return of the Black Metal in their sound


1. Temn� Ve�     5:52
2. Orgie     3:55
3. Chr�m     4:30
4. Beltebor     4:32
5. Rezav� Mec     4:15
6. Prekonej Svou Smrt     1:41
7. Posledn� Cesta     4:35
8. Mor     4:17
9. Prolog     2:11
10. Lucifer     3:27
11. Black Metal     2:15

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