Aeon Winds "On The Way To Oblivion" CD

Aeon Winds "On The Way To Oblivion" CD

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ARTIST: Aeon Winds
TITLE: On the Way To Oblivion
STYLE: Avant-Garde Atmospheric Black Metal
LABEL: Hexencave Productions

You already know this band from successful splits with Troll or Midnight Odyssey. The "On the Way To Oblivion" release is a compendium debut album of "Those Who Will Remain Silent Forever" and re-mastered demo "Aeon" plus one previously unreleased song recorded specially for this compilation CD. Almost 80 minutes of essential atmospheric Black Metal mixed with dream-like ambient. Highly recommended for fans of early Emperor, Limbonic Art, Troll, Dimmu Borgir...

 Those Who Will Remain Silent Forever
1. Through The Gates Of Dying Memories     1:37
2. When The Dead Take Our Lives     2:13
3. Vladci Hor     4:52
4. Aeons Of Crime     3:19
5. Thorns Of Destiny     4:12
6. Cold Night     2:48
7. Nechcena Pravda     4:33
8. On The Way To Oblivion     2:36
9. Black Spell Of Destruction (Burzum Cover)    4:39
10. In The Embrace Of A Nameless Souls     1:00
11. Ancient Dream     3:10
12. Aeon     3:31
13. Za Tmou Sa Poberal     6:05
14. Between The Dawn And The Dusk     6:52
15. Nechcena Pravda     4:30
16. Z Hviezd Zrodeny (Planuci V Popoli Vekov)     4:02
17. Z Hviezd Zrodeny Part II. (Miznuci V Prachu Hviezd)     2:47
18. Na Kridlach Havranov     3:07
19. A Forest (The Cure Cover)    6:44
20. On The Wings Of Wind     4:34

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