AK 11 / Asgard "Unto Heretic Flames" CD

AK 11 / Asgard "Unto Heretic Flames" CD

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ARTIST: AK 11 / Asgard
Unto Heretic Flames
STYLE: Black Metal
LABEL: Frozen Blood Industries

AK 11 attack with 4 tracks of fast, ugly and hateful Black Metal dedicated to the destruction of all false ideologies, doctrines and dogma. Asgard complete the split release with 4 tracks of grim yet elegant atmospheric Black Metal that reminds one of the early Avantegarde days of Black Metal when bands were raw, organic and full of potency.

1 AK-11     Their Flesh our Fire     4:07
2 AK-11     Ritual (Viking Dusk)     5:04
3 AK-11     Men among the Ruins     4:49
4 AK-11     Departing Murderers, Returning Heroes     6:22
5 Asgard     Heretical Onslaught     5:27
6 Asgard     The Unspeakable King     5:11
7 Asgard     Ego Magick     5:15
8 Asgard     Ia Nyarlathotep     5:52

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